Troubleshooting of “Windows Kernel Еvent ID 41” Fatal Error


A computer running Windows OS sometimes gives rise to various troubles resulting in the so-called Blue Screen of Death (BSoD). In some cases, an OS crash may be caused by the Windows Kernel error with event ID 41, the description of which is the phrase “The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first”.

Troubleshooting of Windows Kernel Еvent ID 41 Fatal Error

This error is troublesome as it could be caused by both PC hardware and software problems. As per the experience of users who have faced this problem, the Windows Kernel Power Event ID 41 fatal error may be caused by malfunctioning computer memory, low-quality power supply, overclocking, overheating of a video card, or other hardware bugs. Their troubleshooting usually requires a lot of time, effort, and finances. In such cases, rather than panic, we recommend trying to eliminate the tricky error with software methods.

1. Using the command-line tool System File Checker (sfc.exe), check and recover protected Windows system files. Read here for details.

2. Diagnose memory with Windows tools. Read here for details.

3. If new hardware and drivers were installed before the fatal error, either update them or roll them back. This will allow you to diagnose the problem more accurately and take the appropriate steps to eliminate it.

4. Using the Windows preset system utility Driver Verifier Manager, perform comprehensive diagnostics of any installed drivers. Read here for details.

5. Uninstall your antivirus system and other software using low-level access to Windows components and libraries.

6. Update the BIOS based on the instructions on the website of the developer that made the motherboard that’s built into your PC.

7. Use the Windows To Go OS, which can be mounted on an external USB flash drive and run on any computer. Stable (or unstable) mobile platform work could help determine the root of the problem and check off its software component. Read here about how to create a USB drive with Windows To Go.