Setting up and registering a JAXX wallet


Jaxx is a cold, cross-platform, multi-currency wallet with storage and exchange functionality, launched by the Canadian company Decentral in February 2016. The idea of ​​creating a Jaxx wallet appeared in 2013, at that time there were no convenient wallets on the market. All wallets had only one cool quality. For example, it could be reliable but weighed 100 GB, or cross-platform but centralized.

The development team decided to combine all the benefits in one and made a convenient, easy-to-use Jaxx wallet. For several years, work was underway on the creation of this product and on February 26, 2016 the team announced the first version of the Jaxx digital storage. Right at the start of the project, the wallet supported the storage of two currencies Bitcoin and Ethereum, and was available on all popular operating systems.

The list of supported coins has expanded to 65, among them there are such popular coins as: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, ZCash, Bitcoin Cash, golem wallet, EOS, AION, Civic, Ethereum Classic. And less popular ones: Doge, RSK Mainnet, RST Testnet, Ethereum Test, Golem, Augur, Basic Attention Token, Gnosis, DigixDAO, Iconomi, Monaco, Bancor, Aragon, TokenCard, STOX, BCAP, FirstBlood, Status,, Qtum , WINGS, Edgeless, Melon,, Matchpool, Creditbit, iExec RLC, Musiconome, Santiment, Maecenas, Salt, TenX, DAPowerPlay, Enjin, BlockMason, Worldcore, Etherparty, DomRaider, Paypie, Uniloin Gold, Storm, Swarm.Fund , Wax, Presearch, Brickblock, Viberate, SOMN, UCASH, BitClave, Dentacoin, Sense, Polymath, ZAP, Winding Tree, ShipChain. The ShapeShift exchange service is integrated into the wallet, it is he who is responsible for the internal exchange of cryptocurrency.

This is very convenient for people who do not like or do not want to register on the exchange, entrusting their money to third-party services. You can make an exchange right away in your wallet, it will be more expensive than if you sent it to the exchange, but at the same time, it is more convenient and safer. Wallet security can never be ignored. You can protect yourself as much as possible and restore access to your wallet without unnecessary nerves, even if you lose your password or device. Always store the private key and mnemonic phrase in several places and it is better if at least one of them is constantly offline.


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